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Arlington Gun Academy

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32 reviews
Jose Amaya

cherise belton

Great class very enjoyable if you are going to take LTC course take it here with Tony Arbelaez you won't be disappointed. Tony did a great job both on the classroom side of presenting the safety, legality, and practical information in a format that made it very interesting. I highly recommend this course for anyone wanting to understand the process in detail. Thank you Tony Arbelaez
JC Williams

I'm glad that I chose Arlington Gun Academy, because Tony is such a great instructor. The things that we learned in class and on the range were very beneficial to me, even as someone with years of experience. If you're considering training of any kind, especially with regard to LTC, I highly recommend Tony at Arlington Gun Academy.
Dan Poppe

Brad Handley

I completed an online LTC training course and found Arlington Gun Academy to complete the shooting requirement. The instructor (Tony) was in constant communication from the time I signed up online, until we were sitting in the classroom. Training prior to shooting was very helpful, I wish I would have done more training with Tony prior to shooting, as he has a ton of knowledge to share, but still passing the test was pretty simple. Recommend for anyone wanting additional training or looking to take the shooting test.