50 reviews

Big R Stores - Dumas

marker Dumas, Texas


50 reviews
al kw

Have your cashiers have a better attitude will make up for a great store
Tanya Salgado

We bought some shirts and they didnt make up the deal and I told her about it and said said well I dont know where you got that from so they sent someone over and we were right. Then she said that it was a stressful situation? Like how we were patiently waiting for the manager to come. She was just very rude and I wanted the guy next to us to go ahead of us since the other workers didnt want to open an other cash register till the manager came.
Luis Olivas

Big R makes you feel right at home. Great management and employees! #Wow
Ozzy Franco

The store itself is great along with staff. The website however is not. You can not do more than two clicks without having a pop up trying to make you register.
Nora Bustos

Have your cashiers have a better attitude !!!