50 reviews

Alpine Shooting Range

marker Fort Worth, Texas


50 reviews
Geoffrey O

Went here for the first time on a Sunday afternoon and I loved it. Good place to shoot a rifle. Staff were friendly. Will be back again.
Paul Coffee

I have never written a review before but I want to share my experience. I remember going to the range several years ago and watched a range master act very rude towards my father, a retired police officer of 35 years who did nothing wrong. The range master was rude and it really turned me off. I stopped going for a long time after this. I went back a few times since then and had several positive experiences until this week. Most range masters have been great but I am not sure if I will ever use the rifle or pistol range again. During my last trip, the range master was rude and very condescending towards everyone. I wanted my son and his friend to have a good time. We looked forward to going all week and his attitude towards customers ruined the trip. I spoke with several customers who said they will not return based on how this range master treated them. I am still undecided if I ever want to go back.
khaled abdulhaq

My first time here, and definitely wont be my last, amazing, and very respectful staff, and an amazing outdoor range.
Rachel Burkhart

Great place to go especially if you're unsure of exactly what you're doing. Every person that worked there was amazing, I wish I'd gotten the name of the man who helped me figure out how to load and shoot my new gun lol. 10/10 will go again!
Mustardstain504 D

Great selection with some more unusual firearms.