50 reviews

Carter's Country

marker Houston, Texas


50 reviews
Tee Tee

Im giving this a 5 star because Larry made sure we understood what was going on. Hes very knowledgeable and was very nice.
Joey Lemons

Went in to buy a gun today. Should have known better. Last time I came in the salesman was rude and not helpful at all. This time was no different, and in fact the salesman this time (different one than the first time) was very rude. He definitely was not interested in me spending any money there. I will take my business elsewhere.
Francisco Serrano

Very helpful
Amanda Clark

Seriously some of the nicest, most helpful people Ive ever met. The whole crew is absolutely a delight to talk to every time I go in, which is often. Good folks. Oh, yeah, and the guns are pretty great too ;)
Ohio Bill

Great store, very nice people, and an excellent gunsmith. Just an all around good place to visit.