50 reviews

Able's Sporting

marker Huntsville, Texas


50 reviews
Cody Kesley

Ordered some ammo online before turkey season it is now two months after season closed and Ive not got my ammo!!! Horrible!
John Lee

Just purchased 2 hand guns from Able's. Everyone in the store was very helpful and willing to help. I strongly recommend going to Able's for you gun n ammo purchases.
B Vailes

Went today for the first time and was turned away due to not having a mask. Sad day when even a Texas gun store is buying in to the liberal democratic 'plandemic'.. Lost my business forever.
Ax Man

Just received my first order from Able's. Couldn't be happier. Ammo was foam packed in a sturdy box ( unlike a competitor in Tenn. that shipped me 5 plastic box'es of 22LR in a box with no packaging material that arrived with bullets falling out of the box) I will order from Ables from now on.
Koko Person

This place is awesome. We iinitially went just to purchase ammo. We ended up purchasing targets for practice and payment for new 380. Customer service was on point. Thank you Jeremy for assisting me and my wife. I'm definitely coming back and recommending. See ya soon!