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Acres Outdoors

marker Livingston, Texas


50 reviews
Lesa Ferguson

Acres Outdoors repaired our travel trailer that was damaged by a storm and they did an awesome job. They worked with our insurance company to make sure all of the work could be accomplished in a timely manner. There was a lot of damage but it's as good as new now. The store is very nice with necessities for travel trailers and camping also so many really cute items. Thank you Acres Outdoors for turning a stressful situation into a stress free one.
Amy Scott

They double charged my debit card then blamed my debit card company. Plum rip off. Since wont let me reply to your comment i will edit here. You are a liar. I went back up there showed you were it took off twice and called 3 days in a row. When tommy called me a liar the last time i gave up on you thanks.
Sean Conwell

Very helpful employees. One stop shop for outdoor needs.
Evan Gaskill

Great selection of products - even CBD! Friendly & knowledgeable staff - would highly recommend
Shelly McKee

If you're looking for a toy hauler 5th wheel dont waste your time at this place because even though they advertise them on their website they don't carry them. I stopped at this place and told the lady working what I was looking for and instead of telling us they dont have any or sell them, she had us wait a good 10 minutes or so for another lady just to say they dont carry them.Update: My husband and I were at this place today and everything I stated in my prior post is true!...Seems to be true also that the 'owner' replying to these Google reviews cant handle a negative review like many have stated throughout there reviews! Also, the owner has harrassed my husband via Facebook messenger since we have posted our negative experience at Acres Outdoors!!!This so called owner of 'acres outdoors' is pathetic the purpose of this review is to let others know how our bad experience was with this business and instead of taking constructive criticism, he continues to be disrespectful and lash out the to many bad reviews on his store whether it's by me or if you look many others have gave bad reviews due to there negative experience also and yet again he bashes them also!....looks like the BBB needs to be notified of the harrassment!