50 reviews

Best Little Pawn Shop

marker Marble Falls, Texas


50 reviews
Jack James

Went there a few month back, meant to write the review then. It was very clean, very new in appeal. The Customer Rep I met with was nice as well, blonde guy, very polite and analytical of my needs.
Jonathan Gulley

Brought in over 1500 dollars worth of merchandise and was told right off that they couldnt take the new in package bedding. Ok your loss. They proceeded to look things up online. As I saw them writing offers down on a notepad I quickly realized they are going to try to offer me something ridiculous. I told them when I walked in that I needed 600 dollars. The offer would have been somewhere between 150 and 200 bucks. Needless to say Ill never do business with these sharks again. They lost a great customer because they wanted to take advantage of someone thats down at the moment. I have spent way to much at this store to be treated like that. The kicker is that Ive turned down over double what they wanted to give me at other shops.
Betty Bivins

I highly recommend this place, very professional and friendly. If you are looking for a specific item, be sure and ask for Josh!
James Murrill

I've made several purchases and I've always found the staff to be helpful and very friendly. It's a great place to purchase firearms locally and at great prices that are on par with most gun buying sites. Thanks for being a great local gun shop.
Classic Ham

To be fair, this is one of my favorite pawn shops in the area. Friendly employees, good prices, and willing to work with you on anything. Never have I walked in and not been greeted, and if I find something that I may be willing to purchase, Im helped right away, and sent in my way with no regret in mind of my purchase. By far, the best little pawn shop.