50 reviews

Allegiant Rifleworks

marker Mckinney, Texas


50 reviews
Jonas Abraha

Purchased 2 handguns, laser sights, and three different caliber ammunition. Adam is very knowledgeable and offers great customer service. Reasonable prices and stocks quality products.
Soto Nest

I bought their custom made AR. Goes by the brand of Evolve Weapons Systems.Great rifle, great color, great value, they put up with my questions regardless of them being ridiculously busy. 5/5 would recommend.Came with a magazine and a great bag that can fit my other rifle, 2 pistols, over ten mags of different sizes, speed loaders, etc. (Not sure if the bag comes with every purchase, didnt ask) The bag alone greatly improved ease of transport. Much better than the plastic cases you usually get.What really made me pull the trigger was the lifetime guarantee, though. Just have to take it in if something goes wrong. No shipping back to manufacturers or anything like that.
Angel Santiago

Great customer service. Took my Glock in for repair. It was a simple fix. I am pleased we it the experience. Highly recommended....
Matt Prater

Walked in planning on buying an eotech or trijicon. Looked around for few minutes never saw a single person. An employee then walked in with another customer and never even acknowledged me or my buddy (which planned on spending some money as well). Not even a hello or Ill be right with yall. Nothing. Unfortunate since it is the closest gun shop to me.
Jeff Chan

Just wanted to add my highest recommendation for Allegiant. I have had a very pleasant experience in my last two firearm purchases from them. Recently I stupidly got a bore snake stuck in my AR. Allegiant very kindly helped me remove it free of charge.