50 reviews

Armageddon Arms

marker Monroe, Washington


50 reviews
Duane Hallgren

Pleasure to do business with.
Max Avilla

Great store, had the one item I was looking for, paperwork was done in about 30 minutes. Currently just waiting on my background to clear for pick up. I was impressed by the holster and accessory selection. Seems like their prices are on par for the current climate, I paid Msrp for what I wanted. Staff was friendly, recommended if youre looking for a decent selection of anything firearms related.
Kyle Counter

I love this fairly new gun store in Monroe they have great customer service and a great selection of all kinds of accessories from magazines to ar upper receivers handguards and pretty much any ar15 component u can think of they also sell used items as well as targets supplies holsters clothing and outdoor gear. I just purchased a new revolver today and it was priced great brand new the ruger gp100 for $699.99 and filling out my background check was a breeze on their computer that even talks you through the bg check form. One thing that made a big impression on me is I asked for a left handed otw holster for my new revolver knowing left handed holsters are hard to find and i usually can only find what i need online. The employee informed me that the owner is a South paw as well and since that is the case he has a large inventory of left handed accessories which i thought was awesome and one last tidbit they have great prices on ammo and almost everything is still in stock which is rare in the pandemic panic buy that emptied all gun stores stock and almost doubled the price of popular calibers. Keep up the great work I'm sure i will be frequenting this store at least a few times a month!!!
Jay Strid

Super friendly and helpful staff! I consigned a handgun that had fallen out of popularity after getting discontinued, and they still managed to get me $20 above what I wanted to make after their consignment fee (which was very reasonable as well.) Such an easy process!
Wraith Mark

Products are all fine and plenty of variety.Buuuuut.... The owners gotta lighten up a bit. Get the feeling they are under constant mob surveillance as they talk to you. Not very friendly, short to the point, no conversation. If you ask a question they think is stupid, they will give you some additude.