50 reviews

Bare Arms Indoor Range & Training Center

marker Huntington, West Virginia


50 reviews
Paul Blevins

Very nice indoor range.
dan Harless

Pizza is awesome, BBQ was aweful it was greasy and tasteless, server was awesome. They also have the best prices on guns i have ever seen..
Zack Savage

Great service
Brenda adkins

I went in there today trying to get a specific gun for my husband for Christmas. They didnt have it. I had to ask the guy to check and see if he could get it. Someone with good customer service would have offered to see if they could get it. He did check and gave me the price of the gun. I asked if he could give a discount because I found the same gun at a different gun shop for $70 less. Guess what. No discount. My friend was also wanting to buy a gun and was basically told the price on the gun was the price it cost. So, C & S Guns in Ironton made $1,600 off me and my friend. We will NOT be going back to Bare Arms.
Jack Wernham

Great food and service and very informative