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Ammo Dump Indoor Firing Range

marker Huntsville, Alabama


11 reviews
Hometown Puppies

Had a blast and some targets bit the dirt!
Anonymous Review

Looks like the other women that are leaving reviews are having the same problem. First time Ammo Dump, not a first time shooter. Asked a range master for help, he responded 'You need to quit being a girl'. Lol. Thanks, I'll try and work on that. I'll be back because women shoot for free on Wednesdays, but y'all need range masters that aren't sexist.
Maria Bucio

I went here today in hopes of exercising my 2nd amendment and as a beginner, to learn further how to use a variety of guns but both range masters, Don and Rick, were incredibly rude and belittled me as a woman who just wants to learn to protect herself. They laughed in my face and treated me like a child when all I wanted was to learn. Otherwise, the rest of the staff was very polite and it is a nice establishment but because of those two men, I will definitely not be coming back.
Matthew Rosenblum

Aaron Lutz

I would say the most strict range I been to. No rapid firing allowed has to be at least 1 second bewteen shots. I personally like to have at least 1 round of fast firing to practice to see how well I am. They also have a time limit if its a full range which I like. The time limit is 40 min when full. Other than that I liked the range very nice employess helping out the range!