50 reviews


marker Huntsville, Alabama


50 reviews
Amanda Bailey

Pickup is extremely convenient!! Thank you guys for offering this service!
Karen Williams

Target had what I was looking for, and the response was quick.
anadele desarme

The cashier was very patient and kind.
Danielle Naler

An item was wrong on the shelf. It said $19.99 but when I rang it up and the register it wrang up $39. I still got it and as I was walking out, I ran into a member of management, I just wanted to let them know so they can change the tag or move the item so it wouldn't happen again. They said thank you and refunded me the difference. which was definitely not needed. But glad they honored it.
Amy Williams

Updated! This is the BEST Target! Seriously! I just moved to Seattle & the Targets here are just sad, the employees checking you out seem to be incompetent, the shelves are never stocked & the grocery section is just almost non existant. It is just awful! So Huntsville friend's please give your Target the love it deserves. Hugs HSV Target until we meet again.