9 reviews

Alabama Holster

marker Silverhill, Alabama


9 reviews
franz uber

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jimmy smith

Very good quality material. Nicely finished. My only major complaint is 1911 does not fit tight. Turn it upside down and it immediately falls out. I would not trust it while running or bending over too far.
Mike HouTX

Saw a review of these holsters on Hickock45's YouTube channel. I ordered a front and rear pocket holster for two Kahr pistols. They arrived this Saturday and so far, they appear the be excellent holsters. Great size and fit, and not a bad deal at $40 a piece. Don't expect them to arrive in a hurry. Mine took 10 weeks from the day I ordered them. Based on their website, I expected them a little sooner. Not a big deal though. Their site clearly explains that they are a very small operation. I would rather support a small business and wait a bit, than buy a big box product. I will likely be ordering another set for my Sig. Great product these guys are selling!
Kevin Marugg

Watched a review on the holsters from Hickok45 and decided to give them a try. Placed my order, 4 weeks have gone by , order was never sent. Sent a email to them, only got a automated response. Very disappointed in this company.
Dennis Cogan

Have purchased both pocket holsters and cell phone holsters ... and just placed another order! Their wait list is 4-10 weeks, so quality like this doesn't come fast..but they are FANTASTIC PRODUCTS!!! Wait and don't get your knickers in a knot over delays due to high demand!