33 reviews

Alaska Tactical & Security

marker Anchorage, Alaska


33 reviews
Chris Greenwood

Great Northern Guns recommended for a suppressor. Everyone at the shop was knowledgeable and helpful. Got what I wanted without any problems.
LeeAnna Bohnert

Unfortunately we walked in to look around, possible by a gun, and ask some questions, but we were never helped. 2 guys sat at the counter having a conversation and completely ignored us, so we just walked out. A shame for them, would have had a good customer
B Mason

Great classes!! A++
Buck Lawson

I walked in with questions and walked out with knowledge in just one visit. Great experience purchasing a suppressor and filling out the paperwork. I would definitely recommend them to anyone with an open mind looking to learn. I understand why some people think they are abrasive BUT thats the sort of response you should expect if you walk into a store acting like you know everything and expecting to be treated like a king.
Jenn Graham

Fantastic group of people. I purchased a firearm and have taken 2 classes and multiple private lessons. If youre a beginner, I highly recommend this company.