6 reviews

APOC Armory

marker Bakersfield, California


6 reviews
TheAmateur Photographer

Their phone doesn't ever work. Have tried for months and always get a, 'no routes found' message.
Brennan Caputo

Ordered a lower parts kit and they sent me the wrong grip. I emailed them to send me the right grip which they said they would do the next day and that was a month ago. Now they are ignoring my emails. Dont waste your money on this company its not worth it.
Matt Baldridge

Thought i was driving to a retail store. Was a search result for closest gun store.NOT A BRICK AND MORTOR STORE.... On line only.Just wasted time and gas... should have gone to 2nd amendment like friend suggested.
EZ123 EZ

Great place

I shopped APOC Armory online because a bunch of my friends all carry APOC products to the range with them and they always brag about how bad ass their products are. I was the only one who didn't have any APOC product. This time around, when I wanted to buy another toy, all my friends made my decision to check our APOC very convincing. The website is legit and the prices were much better than I anticipated. This was the easiest online buying experience I've had. While I excitedly waited for my product to get shipped to me, I made the decision to upgrade my BCG from the BCG that I had originally decided on when I placed my order. I called APOC to see what my options were and that's when I became completely sold on this company. The customer service blew me away and I got off the phone thinking to myself, that this is the reason why these guys have gotten so big in this arena and why all of my friends buy all their product directly from these guys. The customer service was bad ass! But the real test for me was to make sure that my product was great quality. And once again in this area, APOC did not disappoint. My friends have all continued to beat the hell out of their APOC products with very little issue and in the two months I've owned mine, the APOC product has out shined a lot of my other much more expensive toys. This has become my 'go to' toy any time we go out to the range. If you are looking for high quality products, at a really good deal, with exceptional customer service, then give these guys a chance at your business. You will be glad you did. Thanks for all your great customer service Travis and Brendan (I think those were the two names of the guys I spoke with). If not, forgive me bros. Thanks again!