50 reviews

Bay Area Firearms

marker Burlingame, California


50 reviews
Pam Zelaski

Poor customer service very unprofessional Do not recommend. They state they do not offer refunds if you cancel
Ren Veras

Owner was a great instructor and also patient with a first time shooter. I recommend Scott to anyone nearby.
Dennis Frazer

Took my 4 hour CCW Renewal class here, Scott was great! He helped sharpen my skills and the classroom time was great. Ill be back in two years for my next renewal!
Isaiah Anthony Powell

Mr. Scott Jackson is the Yoda of firearm training. His patience, enthusiasm and demonstrable skill are readily apparent and I am very pleased with the class I took. A new word has opened up for me thanks to Scott and Bay Area Firearms.
Camille Y

I highly recommend Bay Area Firearms! Scott is an amazing trainer and teacher! After completing my first course I am super confident with safety, components, handling, and shooting. I am excited to take my next class.!!