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marker El Cajon, California


50 reviews
laith khoshi

Excellent staff, customer service
Susan Carney

Great shopping experience. Art was very helpful and informative.
Brandon S. Bruce

I am an African-American disabled Air Force Officer and I was looking to purchase a new handgun, specifically a Glock 19 or Beretta. However, I was met with immediate poor service by the staff there, in particular, David, the store owner. Not only was there a one (1) hour and a half wait to even get in, but once I did get in, none of the staff wore face masks. Further, David, the store owner, limited the number of patrons to six (6), but had no sense of urgency or concern to help customers in a timely manner. It should also be noted that I only went to this store because my friend (a white male) recommended it. Nevertheless, I was met with a combative tone and attitude by David, the store owner, who unnecessarily interjected himself into my shopping experience with snide comments. I don't usually notice or comment on the personality of salespersons, but this store owner had such a twisted and self-absorbed way of speaking that he is practically a walking case study of narcissism and self-delusion. For instance, as I was completing the state required firearm safety certificate test David, the store owner, again interjected and instructed me to move to the back of the store to complete the firearm safety certificate test even though the direct salesperson that I was working with had previously told me that I could complete the test at the counter while she went to get the gun that I was purchasing. David, the store owner, without prompting, said that he was 'overruling' her instruction to me, and was now requiring that I complete the firearm safety certificate test in the other room without any explanation or rationale. In short, David, the store owner, just gave me an 'order' to move even though he provided no reason for why he was requesting me to do so. It was just something that he wanted and ordered me to do just because he was the store owner. When I asked him why, David, the store owner, angrily said, 'Is there a problem?! Then before I could respond David, the store owner, demanded the firearm safety certificate test paper back and said, We will not be selling you a firearm today.I want it to be known, that I do not write this review because I want to lambast a business owner nor do I have an issue with how a person runs his or her business. The reason I felt compelled to write this review is to inform future patrons so they know what to expect. This is the same thing that I would've done if a young airman came to me and asked for advice on what to expect at a new base and any relevant local Air Force instructions. When you patronize a store you should be well aware of who runs it and how they run it. I, for one, do not recommend that any person of color or any current active duty or retired military personnel patronize his store because he doesn't live by the same code of conduct that I dedicated my life to uphold or hold to be true. That's honesty, sincerity, honor, respect and integrity. The fact that David, the store owner, treated me differently due to the color of my skin was readily apparent in his actions and words and that I cannot respect.
Preston Rodriguez

Owner is rude and always has a condescending tone. Small shop anyway, better to go where there is better service.
Paul Hynes

David, his family and team are going to take great care of you at a fair price. There are many choices but I dont hesitate to use A O Sword for my firearms and safety needs. Dont heed any conflicting anti-2A reviews. Believe the believers.