14 reviews

Applied Kinetics LLC

marker Fullerton, California


14 reviews
Eugene Lee

Ive been to plethora of weapon stores, and I can guarantee you that the owner Ive met is the one of the most caring and professional person. He truly cares about your well-being as a customer; he would rather want you to receive the products you need in lower prices, rather than tricking you into purchasing overpriced and unnecessary items for more profit (trust me, Ive seen many of them).The store is also well secured and professionally established: another distinctive characteristic of this store.I never write internet reviews, but I am genuinely compelled at this point that dismissing to leave a positive review would be a sin due to the impressive quality of service.Highly recommend this place. God bless you all.
Tom Penner

Some nice guys there, I was a first time buyer. They were extremely informative and gave me a solid tip on 9 mil ammunition in the area when all stores were empty. Josh they're also met another quoted price for my glock. Thanks guys
Manuel Lopez

As promised my project was finished on time and oh mien it is awesome! Great work and cool shop owner. Highly recommend as his price I consider very fair and the work now on 2 projects has been outstanding! Sad to leave this review as I know his business will increase but he deserves the recognition.
ron romano

Great place ! Josh always shows what customer service should be like . Treats you very fair and with knowledge. That is a rare experience at most shops now a days. Highly recommend this place.

The go-to gunsmith for Orange County! Josh is a good person and very knowledgeable. He's done work on multiple projects on my AR15's and Remington 700. Even did the DROS here from an online purchase. Highly recommended!