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marker Modesto, California


50 reviews
Jhon Sacco

This was my first time in and won't be my last. They are very helpful and informative. Nice store.

If you order a lower they will only charge you $25 instead of the usual $50. Full of great people and features an autograph MAGA hat by the president himself.
ricardo harden

I was rushed an they don't have no good prices I went somewhere else and found out other info the guns on the website they don't have nun of them guns in store they told me every store is go be the same lol he was lying because I went to another store an was treated right this spot is a joke should've never came never the best
Enigo Montoya

I bought 500 rounds of 40 caliber reloaded ammo from these guys. Its been difficult to find ammo, so I thought Id give it a try. About 1 out of 10 shells wouldnt eject properly. A little over a hundred rounds into my range time I heard a strange sound, so I stopped shooting and discovered a slug stick about 2 mm into my barrel. Apparently the bullet had a primer but not enough powder to push it out of the barrel. Good thing I didnt try to fire the next round. That could have ended badly. I called and asked if I could get a partial refund and they werent as helpful as they were when they initially sold me the bad ammo. Long story short, dont trust their reloads, and dont expect a refund if their products dont live up to minimal expectations. Lesson learned. Btw, you can get GOOD factory ammo at Bass Pro for LESS than they charged for their reloads, so take the extra 15 minute drive and save yourselves any potentially dangerous hassles.
Samantha Smith

My husband and I went in to inquire about owning our first gun. And the worker Jeff was absolutely amazing and so very helpful! He got us set up with our firearms safety test and gave some great advise and recommendations about what we were looking for in matters of defense. 10/10 will be going back!