50 reviews

Brass & Bass

marker Murrieta, California


50 reviews

If you are a first time gun buyer and do not have alot of knowledge on fire arms or California laws, probably not the place to go. The whole process seemed rushed and uncomfortable. I dealt with two different people that work here and they seem willing to answer questions but bothered by it in the process. Customer service is not their priority just protocol. If you are trying to sell something probably not the best way to go about it. Neither is acting like you are doing someone a favor by selling them an item when you are getting payed for that service.
Joseph Caceras

Probably the worst customer service of any gun shop in the Temecula/Murrieta area. Unless youre purchasing a gun or ammo, they seem annoyed that you even showed up. Ive never once had my phone calls answered or emails returned, and you cant leave a message because the voicemail box is full.
Sleepy Sam

Cant go inside to even look without an employee. Stood outside and waited with no acknowledgement, not a great way to compete with the internet.
J Carlos Contreras

They are very liars and do not comply with what they say. They charge me 15% for canceling and order that was 5 months and they never call me to explain or apologize for the delay. And they didn't apologized only charge 15% or they tried to reach a rule.
Devin Ian

I just want to thank Bill for his outstanding customer service and helping me get one of my dream rifles.