50 reviews

Poway Weapons & Gear Range

marker Poway, California


50 reviews
Tyler Evans

I have not purchased anything from here, however I would guess the prices are slightly higher than what you can find elsewhere, however, this is by far the nicest retail area and range in north county, perhaps the whole county. This is one of the best ranges to go to with new shooters. Everything is professional, and they are happy to answer questions. I have not personally seen a range safety officer inside the range, but I know they have cameras to watch for unsafe behavior. If they don't already it would be a nice touch for someone to walk down the line every 15 min or so, especially with the recent surge of first time gun owners.
Michael Wu

Experience was okay. I probably will not buy or order from them again. When I got my call to pick up my order, the guys at the counter did not acknowledge anyone. I was waiting in line to get called on but did not happen as I did not want to cut anyone else in line. It seems as if none of the employee wanted to be there. I would order from a different FFL next time.
Kristopher Scheuer

Great store with friendly staff. They were very helpful as a first time buyer. I talked to Will the first time and he has recognized me and said something every time I go in. It's a great enviorment.
Nelson DeJesus

Great service as always but provide more information on rules and rental.
Mr. Airsoft

Its all out awesome