50 reviews

Barnwood Arms

marker Ripon, California


50 reviews
Alec Castellano

Would not recommend. I dropped off a sight for installation and returned three days later to find they haven't even worked on it. Then they gave it to me and said I have to adjust it myself. What did I even pay for? Terrible. And they don't wear masks inside even after the California state order.
Dan Tegtmeyer

I bought a Nighthawk Custom from Barnwood Arms in Ripon, Ca.Im going back to purchase a Christensen Arms MPRI can hardly wait...!
Diego Fernandez

Came in to take the FSC class on saturday as it is needed to purchase a firearm, was told that test administrator wasn't available and told to come back on monday..im here now (6pm)and store hours PER THERE POSTING are 10am-8pm, yet it is closed?? If your business hours have changed that's fine but how about updating them so that your potential future customers aren't left hanging!
Kyle Gentry

My last purchase from Barnwood went horribly wrong! Never registered my firearm until I called to check on it to be picked up! so, after being promised that they would make it right when I picked up my gun I went ahead and said to register it! (10 days after paying for the firearm) well I picked up my gun finally after 24 days and all they did for me was offer 2 free cleanings... I will never purchase from them again
Stacy Scidmore

Needed my new sights put into my 380 and in 5 minutes he was done. Superb customer service! Im very happy.