50 reviews

Bullseye Sport

marker Riverside, California


50 reviews
Jake Miller

called to ask info about an order shipment, someone answered, angrily muttered ' please hold.' and immediately put me on hold, then i got stuck listening to elevator music for god knows how long with the occasional dial pad 'beep' before giving up and taking my business elsewhere. get better customer service
Alvin Wilson

The staff spends way too much time with 1st time gun owners.
gustavo Martinez

Im a 1st time gun buyer so I called and spoke with Wesley agreed to explain to me the process of buy a gun . Was super friendly went thru every step was patient with all my questions . I walked in and walked out with my permit and purchased a gun I highly recommend this place. Now I have to wait 10 days for my gun can't wait to come back and buy a 2nd gun. Highly highly recommend this place .thanks wesley
Raul Silva

Very professional staff and extremely knowledgeable ...I purchased at Walther P22 at the best price compared to other gun shops ....who offered the same gun for $400 to $450 ...I payed $75 to $120 less by buying at Bullseye sports ....Definetly recommend purchasing from them again...FYI...before going in to purchase gun ...look at your ID or License...Real ID is highly recommended..if your License says ' Federal Limits Apply' you need to provide a lot more Documentation ...Raro2045
John Schaaf

This is the best gun shop that I have ever been to!! Even during this crazy pandemic they were so helpful in answering any questions I had about an out-of-state PPT. I've talked to just about every employee there because I've been there so many times and each of them were super helpful and knowledgeable. The prices for ammo aren't inflated and accessories like ear protection were even competitive to Amazon! Plus you should support your local gun store! Also, when I had questions about how to clean my new gun the guy at that counter showed me how to disassemble my pistol and where/how to clean the different parts. I can't say enough good things about this place.