50 reviews

ASP Armory

marker Vacaville, California


50 reviews
Julz 2222

Worst customer service! If you're looking for an ffl dealer I would suggest looking elsewhere. If you're looking for a good selection of guns and/ammo definitely look elsewhere. It's no wonder they had to change their name and location.
Bobby B

Best 2A sanctuary in Solano County. Long time customer because of their selection, customer service, and always having different caliber ammo in stock. Anything they sell directly they stand behind. Blue label dealer too!
benjamin alcantara

These people definitely need some customer service training and a class or two on business ethics. I tried to use them as an ffl dealer, but the gun need to be returned to the manufacturer so I canceled the transfer. They tried to tell me that the transfer fee was their's and could not be refunded even though it says otherwise on the document attached to the receipt. I gave them the return shipping label and two weeks later they still have the gun and are dragging their feet to hold up my refund from the manufacturer. They are rude and very unprofessional, an embarrassment to female owned businesses everywhere. I would rather drive hours out of my way than support this businesses. If their goal is to make customers not want to return, then they are doing a fantastic job.
Matt D

They know their stuff and are always willing to help.
Steve Arnold

This place just gave up. I went in the other day, they had three longguns hanging on the wall, every display cabinet empty, one display in fhe entry of store selling cleaning kits. Just wanted to rush me out of the store. Pathetic. I used to love this place. RIP ASP Amory.