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Basalt Firearms

marker Basalt, Colorado


16 reviews
Justin Pilotte

First time gun-owner here. Spent $1000 of my hard-earned money here on a gun and accessories a few weeks ago. Service then was great, Im assuming its mostly because I had a wad of $100s. Walked into store yesterday looking for ammo for my new gun so I could practice with it. Seems 9mm is hard to come by. Understood, strange times. When I asked about knowledge of future deliveries, the man who answered couldnt even be bothered to look up or address me, just a dont know. Now, I understand that things probably dont show up on their doorstep all willy-nilly, as it doesnt happen to me and has never really happened at any of the establishments I have worked for. Thats ok. Im sure they also dont want a line out the door on 9mm day. Either way, love the lie. When I asked these fine gentlemen, who are clearly experts in their craft, if they had a preferred website to order from after we both determined that that was the best way for me to procure said ammo in not so many words, I got back the answer theres a ton. Informative for sure. I know Im in the minority here as I dont have a ton of money to spend and Im not their biggest customer by far, but as the store that popped my cherry on this whole thing I was hoping for much more than just a couple of uninterested douchebags. I 100% regret giving them my money in the first place. I love my new paperweight though! (j/k, I bought some rounds from the kind and helpful people at the co-op!)
Rocky Mountain Maker

Awesome gun store and super friendly staff. If you love buying local this is the place.
Zach Garrison

Customer service is awful
Cory Hallahan

Jorma Cox

i have had VERY good interactions at Basalt Firearms, sold one gun to them, and definately will buy one at some point. i have gone there with friends (new gun owners) to help them purchase their first gun, and have had nothing but great experiences, i did not even say a word as Larry and (the old guy, sorry dont remember your name) were absolutely honest and helpful. they steered my friend to a practical, great skeet gun. they did not try to sucker him into a fancy gun, nor did they treat him like a newbie.it is very rare in this area to have fair prices on ANYTHING especially firearms. Not to mention the used guns that go through there. (i missed buying a BEAUTIFUL nickel plated S&W 357 and am still kicking myself.. the price was more than right...)i have read the negative reviews on them and conclude that they are to be taken with a grain of salt. i would wager IF this even happened, they may have prompted some of it themselves with their own behavior. some folks just look for problems then write a negative review. GREAT STORE, GREAT SERVICE and honest. also, keep an eye out for Glock Day! or any of the support days for shooting enthusiasts. buy local!