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Accuracy Systems

marker Byers, Colorado


4 reviews
K Giffy

Bought an adjustable gasblock mini 14 barrel strut. Paid $249.98 including shipping($19.99) from CO to KS. Upon recieving I was surprised that it was rather shiny and had more of a nickel boron look to it. I can't knock the quality of the product, would be a five star rating if it had been anywhere near a color match. I immediately called them to see about there return policy (as there website isn't the easiest to navigate nor did the link work to their return policy). The people I talked to seemed like good honest people no gripe there, but the response I got regarding the color match discrepancy was simply 'well there's a picture on the website, you can return it for a 20% restocking fee, (cuz you know putting a 7oz. Bag back on a shelf is difficult.) or take store credit.' Keep in mind there is no easy to find return policy on there website. Simply put i paid 249.98 plus return shipping of $9.00($10.99 cheaper than there shipping rate, same carrier) and got refunded $179.99. So basically it cost me around $60 for the pleasure of seeing in person that there ss barrel strut does not match the ss barrel of a mini 14...I ended up getting an accu- strut for $120.85 with an almost perfect color finish match. If color match considerations regarding ss don't apply I'd recommend them or choose black, if they do save yourself $60 and look elsewhere.
Jacob Silver

My 14 Year Old Son told me after inspecting the New Trigger Job on my Mini-14, that I should give them 5 Stars! He was Unaware of the Excellent Customer Service that Carl Provided. All of the parts are of Excellent Quality and I Much Appreciate it!
Frank Talbert

This review is too long in coming. Carl and his son do excellent work. I gave them two old worn out Mini-14s to customize and they hit it out of the park. You can see one of them on the cover of their facebook page. They do outstanding work, and are by far the BEST Mini-14 smiths in the country!
Kenneth Downs

Thanks to Carl for his great customer service. He personally called to ensure my orders were exactly what I wanted before shipping. And thanks to the whole company for making such great products. Although expensive, I felt the value for my money was well matched.