4 reviews

Aimtech Firearms Training

marker Colorado Springs, Colorado


4 reviews
Aaron Scott

Great experience with 2 educated firearm safety instructors. I have taken 3 classes from different places over the years and the latest experience was incomparable. They covered multiple styles of handguns and ensured our class was familiar with all of them. K would highly recommend them for the price, location and professionalism.
Chester Benedict

Highly recommend this place! The instructors are very knowledgeable and truly focus on the students needs. I feel everyone who carries should attend this course. And a great price too!
Kamron Shaw

Awesome experience here. Very knowledgeable and any question i had they had an answer for! Highly recommend.
Michael Westin

Great hands on training class. This Colorado Springs concealed handgun class is far better than the other one I went to. The instructors work one on one with you and use real firearms in class not those fake plastic props! For what you're getting in class they should be charging more for the class! Thank you AimTech!