50 reviews

1 Shot Gear

marker Golden, Colorado


50 reviews
Nathan Kettner

I stopped at the new shop in Golden. If you want the best gear with no hassle, this is the place. I went in to try on a Stone Glacier pack I have been eyeing for years and I'm glad I did - I ended up picking a different one than what I would have bought sight-unseen.
Mike White

Stay away from the big box stores and support these guys! Youll probably save money and gain a ton more knowledge. Sitka gear can be overwhelming when its high dollar and youre not sure what you need. Scott took the time to explain what each layer does and what will work for the hunt Im going on. They are great and Ill never shop for Sitka or Stone Glacier anywhere else. Wall to wall of all the best stuff. This is the best shop in Colorado!! Thanks 1 Shot!!
Travis Harrington

Exceptional service and products. When buying a new pack they spent alot of time with me getting the correct fit and demoing all the features.
william buckner

I finally found a store that has great gear and a great staff. They have hunted just about everywhere and in any kind of weather conditions you can think of. They will tell you exactly what Sitka system will work best for you and your hunt...Which is nice cause there are so many system options. Ask them any question and they will give you their true honest opinion. This store is the sh*t!!
Nathan Marrs

This place is great! Nothing but the best gear. Plan to spend extra time talking about hunting with these awesome guys.