8 reviews

Backcountry Goods Trading

marker Hotchkiss, Colorado


8 reviews
Robert Reese

Tim & Gretchen, have always been the best. Whole family is in the shop many times, and are just super people

I like this shop. Good family vibe. The owners are very down to earth and helpful.
bigolstankyboy o'houlihan

I love this place. Tim and his wife(whose name I can't remember, but she's great) are both super sweet and helpful. Tim knows just about everything about guns and anything else outdoors related. Their antique stuff might be a little overpriced, but I don't know as I'm not the target market for that stuff, but the camping gear, guns and knives and stuff like that are priced pretty good. They're good folks. Whenever I come in for a box of ammo I end up hanging out and talking to Tim and his wife for a half hour just cause they're so darn pleasant.
Eric Solveson

Very friendly staff. Cool items. Nice shop
haley lindsey

Amazing local shop! Has a wonderful church built into the side. The staff is amazing and they have some very wonderful products. I tend to favor the kids toys they sell. They have almost any pretend play items you could imagine along with learning toys. Overall wonderfull experience 10/10 would visit again.