50 reviews

BluCore Shooting Center

marker Lakewood, Colorado


50 reviews
Jenai M

Besides the fact that none of the staff wore masks during a pandemic, the sales guy was arrogant and condescending.
Josh Mendoza

Im new to owning a firearm and came in to look for some ammo, didnt know really what to look for, guy kept eyeballing me like I was sketchy even coming up to me multiple times to check me out when there was at least 6 other people in the store and only 2 employees. I didnt do anything besides look suspicious when I was reading products I suppose? Decent ammo price though.
Anton Hunsucker

Great place for visitors who want to let off a few rounds. I found them welcoming, helpful and accommodative. Would definitely visit again!

Highly recommended as a newbie that just bought a pistol from this place which was Smith and Wesson M&P 9mm M2.0 . Blucore Pistol 1 class was great with providing knowledge that every beginner gun owner should be aware of and guides from fantastic instructors.Thank you Nick and thank you for your service Mark.
Christian Sausser

Great ventilation, fair range rules, well lit, and knowledgeable staff. Ive worked in a few ranges and this one is my favorite. Only reason Im not giving 5 stars is because the RSOs have forgotten to give me back my ID on a few occasions. This is the responsibility of the RSO when theyre checking you out of the range. This is the only range Ive been to that retains your ID even if your not using a rental gun.