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50 reviews
Christopher Lach

I took the Concealed Carry 1 class with Steve H and my experience was excellent! Steve provided the class with genuine and pertinent information about a variety of topics including: safety, technique, law, and scenarios (and many more). As a very beginner in this realm, I felt very comfortable and never felt shame for asking any question. The hands on (range time) was amazing, where you get to try out the techniques you were educated on. Steve H. did a masterful job at reminding you of mistakes without making you feel belittled. I would highly recommend this class to anyone having the slightest curiosity about gun education and look forward to taking more classes in the future!
David Garner

Steve H. is an exceptional handgun instructor. Broadly knowledgeable, homorous, insightful, patient (no question too stupid), and possessed of a natural ability to connect with the class, Steve makes the experience at Bristlecone a unique, rewarding and complete experience from classroom to range. Better overall than any military or USG weapons training I witnessed in over 35 years.
Tina neumiller

I was a little nervous about taking a concealed weapons class. All I can say is it was awesome. I was in class with beginners and retired military. Steve M. was our instructor and he was amazing. He treated all of us great and was full of valuable information and patience. I walked out of there with more confidence in handling my gun and a much better aim. I can't wait to take another class!
Dominick Rabe

I am a liberal 2A supporter and advocate, so it is difficult to find a place to shoot and take classes that is welcoming and not overly right-wing, 'LARP-y' or political. After taking a CCW class (with instructor Steve M.) at Bristlecone, I immediately signed up for a membership. The staff is extremely knowledgeable and makes a concerted effort to keep politics out of their customer service. I will be recommending Bristlecone to all my liberal 2A supporting friends!
Candace McLain

Steve h was great and we all felt comfortable -safer and full of knowledge afterwards.