50 reviews

Boondocks Army Surplus

marker Sterling, Colorado


50 reviews
gregory fernandez

Great gun selection, ammo and holsters. Great customer service
Garry Chapman

Awesome people, great prices. The staff takes care of business and makes sure you get what you need.As a first time gun owner I was a little intimidated when I first walk in but the staff took the time to answer all of my questions and set me up with everything I needed. I will be returning.
Highplains Drifter

I had visited this store sometime ago in the past. I met Chris one day when I was browsing for a sidearm. He helped me with my questions. I decided right there which firearm to get, bought it the same day. Chris has a unique sense of humor, that I'm sure most have seen when buying a firearm of any kind. If you have past the background check, he tell you 'Well got some bad news.' At one moment, you'll look worried. then he'll say 'You pasted.' LOL. Then the buyer shows a sign of Woohoo. Chris if you're still there, thank you for your service, sir.
Louis Dodge

Randy is the best
Chris Kopke

Love shopping here