38 reviews

Blue Cord Firearms

marker Southbury, Connecticut


38 reviews
Brad Freimuth

Incredibly friendly and honest service. Its nice to go to a store that actually cares about the customers needs. Wouldnt hesitate to do another FFL transfer or make any other purchase through BCF.
Ron Peterson

Michael Mauro

After completing the 'CT Pistol Permit Course', I wanted to share my experience with Robert Carr at Blue Cord Firearms. The information in the course was conveyed in a straight forward and easy to follow way. Robert nicely supplemented information with his own experiences and stories which made the longer course more enjoyable. During the live fire portion of the course, Robert was also helpful with regards to suggestions to improve accuracy and stance. I would highly recommend this group for anyone looking to take fire arms related classes.
Peter Robinson

Great classes - honest, welcoming and extremely knowledgeable local business owners.
Brett Schroeder

They make any FFL transfer easy and seamless