6 reviews

75th Bunker and Morgan Firearms

marker Naples, Florida


6 reviews
Fred Ferraro

Finally... an honest gun shop with fair pricing and the guy whoowns it knows what he's doing !
Billie Whidden

I highly recommend this establishment. Gary is very knowledgeable, professional and kind. He takes the time to answer any questions you may have and is always happy to help or give advice.

Accepted a transfer of some guns I purchased online and no issues there. However I went to ship a couple guns I sold online to an FFL in a different state but wouldnt accept my guns because he was too busy. Came in on Saturday and he told me to come back on Tuesday. I would understand if he couldnt ship them that day, but to not even accept them for shipment at a later date shows me he doesnt prioritize customer service. Shipped many guns from different FFLs and never had that be an issue. I was also talking to students of his CCW class about an app which has the gun laws of various states to educate when carrying across borders, and he tried to nullify my comment and said just ask the agriculture offices (heres a clue, just because Floridas CPL issuance is run by the agriculture department doesnt mean thats how it is in other states!)Wont be doing Business there again!
victor ross

This is now the only place I have my guns sent to and serviced. My neighbor , also uses this shop now..... Vin
Asension Martinez

Gary was not only knowledgeable, which made me feel comfortable with him, but also very kind and tolerable of all the questions I had. I felt like I had known him for a while. He's a good ol' fashioned Ranger. I will definitely be going back to his establishment.