50 reviews

Army Navy Gun and Boot

marker Port Charlotte, Florida


50 reviews
Clayton Bell

Great staff and knowledgeable...
LivingTroysLife !

I needed to find an FFL. Called around the area. Finally spoke w/Anne from Army Navy Gun. She was so friendly & helpful on the phone, unlike the others in the area. This helped me decide on them over the not so friendly others. She helped me with my online rifle purchase, background check & transfer. I feel like I made a great choice using them. My wife bought a nice revolver & matching accessories from them. She couldn't be more happier. Winston helped her w/ the background check & answered all our questions w/ incredible patience. He helped us sign up for their CCW permit class. We got a nice discount since we purchased a gun from them. It all adds up to the fact that this company looks out for their customers. They support our local PD. You just can't go wrong choosing Army Navy Gun... and what a cool name too! Family owned and really good people.

Informative. Thank you.
Jason Partridge

Walked in. Gentleman was looking at Ar-15. He gave it back, clerk placed it on the wall. I said Ill buy it right now. They waited for the other gentleman to make up his mind. I was under the impression you sell it to the person who says 'Ill buy' not 'Im thinking about it'. In any case, you lost about $6K in sales for your decision on a $750 rifle. I expected more from you.
maureen archambault

Very knowledgeable and professional, as well as taking their time showing and explaining any questions I had. Brought my friends there to purchase a gun and they were impressed as well. Will shop with them again!