50 reviews

Advanced Bullets Outdoor Range

marker Temple, Georgia


50 reviews
dmon Labranch Labranch

Today was my first experience at this range , great staff , not a long wait, nice all above and i will return again !!!! Thanks
Joe Brandon

I went Wensday on a very busy day, 5-7 shooters on at any given time. Unfortunately there was no range officer on site. I found that very dangerous. I have had positive experiences there in the past but this sealed the deal for me as it was extremely dangerous.
Crazy frog

Best RANGE OFFICER IN GA, trains you and your kinds while having fun! Hands down the best outdoor range
Matthew Hodges

Do not shoot here. Onsite for 20 minutes no RSO visible. He was throwing skeets instead of being in charge of the range. Had 2 people walk onto the range while the range was hot. Had to get these 2 individuals back because the RSO was again no where to be seen. When the RSO does do his job he shouts out the range in 'clear'... instead of a 'cease fire' to many people with no clue about any weapon safety rules and no RSO to teach. Horrible place to shoot. Will not return
fernando maldonado-martinez

I have been to many ranges, at least 12 that I can think of right now. I have been to three different ones here in GA. Advanced Bullets range by far exceeded all my expectations. Friendly staff, nice set up, and safe environment. You cannot ask for anything else. Many ranges in GA fail at one very important aspect of business.. customer service! These guys do it right when it comes to that. I have forever found my outdoor range. I hope they stay in business for many years to come.