5 reviews

Arakawa Surfboards

marker Waialua, Hawaii


5 reviews
Brandon Boyster

Extremely helpful and knowledgeable service. Arakawa is by far the best local board shop around. And their rental system with AwayCo is unbeatable. 10/10

(Translated by Google) The first 6'2 is Ogasawara, 6'4 's Bret was a shop but it was a magic board of Sikko. I want to ride again.(Original)6'26'4Bret
Shane Isagawa


Whoever said money can't buy happiness has never bought an Eric Arakawa board. After weeks of anticipation...she arrived today exactly on time and as originally promised. 8'2 Avis VS quad, mint green streaked beauty. I took her out for her first ride in the worst wind blown conditions you could imagine all the while thinking 'If you can hold up in this...imagine what a clean day will be like'. What a ride!!! Probably one of the most fun I've had in the water in a long time... Performance and stability were unparalleled. I am NOW a believer in the 'magic board'. Unreal. To Eric and his amazing staff. Mahalo nui loa!! You put so much love and mana into your craft. From the first phone call to Taryn...who helped guide me to dial in what I was looking for in surfing to Eric's design and lastly today's delivery... This staff is first class. I will send a pic to you soon... -Kay

The first surfboard that I had in my hands was a Island Classic shaped by Eric in 1989, But I never ride that board, So I had to wait until 2004 to buy E.Arakawa (Hawaiian Island Creation) on a trip to Florida. When I came back to my home beach with that lady, everybody was amazed with her, the old guys showed more respect and my surf got 200% better, good memories, great feelings. I wish the best to Eric. Thanks! J. The Imported