47 reviews

Black Rhino Concealment

marker Gilberts, Illinois


47 reviews
Jamey Robertson

I ordered holster couple months back. 2 weeks later I get email stating they didnt have the $20 pattern I picked from their list. I said no problem I'll wait. So 2 weeks ago I get email stating they still didnt have my pattern. I chose a different $20 pattern from their list. They didnt have that either. So I finally just picked the cf coyote for outside and the standard fde inside instead of carbon fiber inside which is another $10. I asked if they would refund the difference and or maybe a discount on next holster for the inconvenience. They said refund for kydex and rivet color which I have yet to see. So all in all I've had to wait over 2 months for a holster with prints I've had to settle for and still over charged with no discount or refund. I'm not normally a bad review guy but that just didnt set right with me. Update- so I just recieved my holster and I'm not impressed. For the money I paid for this thing looks like it would have a little more attention to detail. The rivets have sharps pieces on inside where they are not riveted good and one of the rivets will pop right out because its has no bevel at all on inside.
Ethan Rosaschi

At the time of writing this review, I've bought 3 holsters. The quality of these holsters is top tier! Absolutely love them to death! Keep up the good work!
Shawn Goodwin


I have purchased multiple items from BRC and happy with my purchases. Recently there was a situation where I needed to send back a holster, Michael called me and made sure he got all the details and what needed to be done. In no time at all I received my holster and I am more than impressed with BRC's customer service. Great Products + Great people = Satisfied customer.
Day of No Sun Darkness Falls

My husband and I both bought holsters and are extremely happy with them. The customer service was excellent. We worked with David who was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. We will definitely shop here again.