14 reviews

Cash Indiana Pawn Shop

marker Burns Harbor, Indiana


14 reviews
Blake Pugh

Fairest place around

Gave me the best price around for my ring. Many gorgeous rings for sale. Very friendly staff who is willing to help!
Isaiah Pena

Not welcomed. Every year for Christmas my great grandpa and uncle give out silver coins to all their nieces and nephews. I was low on gas and needed to get to work. I unfortunately had to sell my coin. I live in Chesterton and burns harbor was the closest place. The gentleman took my coin looked at me and then said he does not want it and refused me service. I then took it to my coin to Portage and was immediately serviced and able to make it to work. This Christmas I have 3 coins which I am going to sell and would rather not travel to Portage again for a common item to sell.
Katey G

Very Rude!!!
Laura Madigan

I love this place! I have gotten all kinds of things here over the years from small electronics like Fit Bits and Air Pods to a mountain bike - all gently used, great condidtion and at a big discount. Now, whenever I think of buying a relatively expensive item, the first question I ask myself is does it need to be brand new or would used be ok? If used - straight to Cash Indiana to see what they have. Its like EBay but with the immediate gratification of not having to wait for shipping.