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Big Mikes Gun Repair

marker Decatur, Indiana


3 reviews
Troy Burris

I purchased a Savage Axis .30-06, left handed, on line and had it shipped to him. The part of the bolt with the sear was rotated 180. He informed me that the company had sent me a right handed bolt, and that it was going to cost me $100.00 to ship it back. I had not touched any part of the rifle, just looked at it on the table, and told him he was wrong. He got a bit defensive and asked me what made me think so. I informed him of what I had noticed, and stated that, if this bolt were placed in a right handed rifle, the Savage logo would be upside down and backwards. Upon examining this, he proceeded to remove the handle of the bolt and do said rotation. He then charged me $25.00 for doing the same 45 second job that I could have done at home with an Allen wrench.I also took a Taurus PT111 in to him for a repair. The rear sight had come off and was lost when I was at a friends house doing some target practice. This model is no longer made, and he could not find a replacement sight, so he put a Ruger 10/22 sight on the .40 call handgun. The pin that holds the sight in position broke the first time I went shooting, but was past his 30 day guarantee deadline. The sight was epoxied in, and can not be removed, so I have, in essence, a .40 call paperweight.It seemed that the main thing he wanted to do was to criticize my choice of firearm brands, as he stated that he didn't like either company that my firearms were manufactured by.
Adam Bell

Used Big mikes Armory & Repair as an FFL for a firearm purchased online. Reasonable transfer fee, and got to know Mike pretty well. He is a veteran and a hell of a good man. Thanks Mike for your professional and experienced advice with my firearms and your talents are far and few between. He can fix just about ANY firearm at a reasonable price.
Tony Ammann