50 reviews

Bucks & Jakes Outfitters

marker Evansville, Indiana


50 reviews
Chris Walker

A great selection! Good prices.
Bobby Williams

Very helpful. Helped us manage a gun promotional giveaway and were patient with us on what we did not know about it. Great choice.
Ryan C

Great prices & selection. Support your hometown gun store or watch them all disappear!
David Hutchings

I made a purchase for a youth hunting rifle that I couldnt find locally. Bucks and Jakes Outfitters were awesome to deal with. They shipped it fast to a local firearms dealer so we could do the legal paperwork. Rifle arrived and is in perfect condition. My boys are very excited to get their deer with it. Will definitely order through them again.
Logan Huffman

I went into the Evansville store the first or second week of March to ask about the process of having a gun shipped to a store as I had never done so before. The one guy at the counter who wasn't nose deep in a screen convinced me to special order the gun through them as they were authorized dealers and I wouldn't have to pay FFL fee or shipping. After a month of waiting I got online ordered the same EXACT GUN and had it shipped to Lawman where it arrived 10 days later. Since then I've ordered about 5 more guns from the same producers and received all them within a reasonable time. Last time I called to ask about it the guy literally laughed as he told me it still wasn't in. They blame the pandemic or the manufacturer for it's absence when that's clearly not the case. If they were to call and say it was in there would have to be a major discount involved before I'd spendy any money with this store.