50 reviews

Applied Ballistics

marker Lafayette, Indiana


50 reviews
Mom by Chance

Weve been getting the run around for over 2 weeks, again & again rudely giving us no information as to why they werent able to give us the gun... that we already paid for... then today called my Mother & very rudely told her that she absolutely was NOT going to get the gun & it couldnt possibly be for her! WHY??? Because she is OLD & a WOMAN?
Richard Marlow

Was at A/B last Monday, all the folks there were extremely nice and very knowledgeable. This was my first visit to this range, will definitely return. Safe, clean, well lit, fun place to be....kind of place I'm going to teach my daughter how to safely use a firearm. Thank you for doing all the right things.
Leo J

4.5 stars !
Greg Eakins

Great place to fire off some rounds. They have both an indoor range for rifle, and an indoor range for pistol. You can really only do static target shooting on paper out to 25 yards, but since it's indoor, you can do it year round.They have everything you need to start shooting, including rental guns, safety glasses, ear muffs, and ammo. You can save a little bit by bringing your own. The ranges are clean and well maintained. They also don't have staff breathing down your neck, which makes the shooting environment more relaxed.
Julie Foust

Great service. Awesome place to shoot