12 reviews

Avenue Arms

marker Richmond, Indiana


12 reviews

'I don't know' was the most common response I got for questions. When I asked the lethargic half dead old man to look it up he said he was too busy ( only 3 other customers in store and 2 more unenthusiastic barely breathing old men working). At that point I figured if this guy was too busy to take 30 seconds to look something up, then I was too busy to spend $1000 there.
John Doe

High prices
jay clark

These guys are great. They have a good selection and know what they sell. Forget the box stores, support your local small businesses!
Jason Holbert

This is my go to place when it comes to firearms and ammunition they have a wide variety of both kept in stock and if he doesnt have it he can get it..All staff are friendly and very knowledgeable when it come to firearms. I would recommend Avenue Arms to any of my friends or just flat out anybody.
Adrian Whichard

Good people Great service willing to assist Went beyond the call of duty to help as long as they are around that's where I will shop .