50 reviews

Bass And Bucks Inc

marker Wabash, Indiana


50 reviews
Derek Howard

Ive purchased numerous firearms from these guys. Awesome people that are extremely knowledgeable and patient throughout the process. Definitely worth the drive
Drea Smith

tommy boggs

Bass and Bucks is my favorite gun range by far. I enjoy the laid back atmosphere and friendly people. Never had a problem.
Jerry Mosbaugh

This place is truly a hidden gem. The selection of products and the knowledgeable, helpful staff sure make shopping here a treat. Its a far drive for me to make it, but its worth it tenfold. Cant say enough about their duty to make a customer happy. Places like this are harder and harder to find in todays world. Thanks again, and a job well done!
Nathan Davis

If zero stars was possible thats where I would rate them. Almost 2 years I had a gun on consignment. Come to find out they sold my gun a while ago and never bothered to call or send me my money. When I call and ask I constantly just get the run around on what has happened it and no one ever bothers to return my calls. Now ask yourself this! Do you think this would be happening if the tables were turned? Absolutely not! There would be legal actions taken against me. Which apparently is what Im going to have to do. Glen is a joke. Josh is a good guy. But it only takes 1 bad apple to spoil the barrel. Once I receive my money it will be the last transaction I will ever do with this store. Beware