4 reviews

Boyt Harness Co

marker Osceola, Iowa


4 reviews
Douglas Way


Boyt cases are fantastic! I have some that were handed down from my grandfather from the 50s. I have one of my original cases from 40 years ago that works as well as it did when it was new, just a little worn and faded around the edges.
Steven C. Pitchford

I DO NOT recommend a BOYT product at ALL. Their website and the tags on their soft side gun cases state lifetime warranty. Baloney. They have lost a customer that supported them over the years with many purchases. Never again. If you were stupid enough to believe them like I was, and you happen to have their heart shaped soft gun case with the zippers on both sides... do NOT store your spare magazines in the pouches. They will rub and tear the material. I have no idea what the zippered pockets are for, but they will NOT take normal storage of spare magazines. Do NOT recommend this company at all!!!
Cole Jacobson

I love my Boyt long gun case. My go to case, has been through the swamps and fields countless times. I recommend them to anyone asking about shotgun cases.