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50 reviews
Danny Boy

be careful if you do lay-away lets say you got 848 dollar order 20 percent down 168 if you want to switch out a item. they keep the 20 percent and make you pay the rest off . OK so you paid the 20 percent for nothing and they make 168 plus the full amount . so over 950.. so they can resell the item you didn't want. i say this place is a rip off. you pay higher prices on this website and store then you would any where else. i priced checked and Walmart in my town sells Henry 22. action lever for 319 they sell it for 430. a mini 22 is 400 on there site. you can get it else where for 239.
Jerry Kezhaya

Total group of a$$ hats! Ordered 9mm ammo on June 17th. I got an email late on the 19th indicating that I needed to contact them ASAP or my order would be cancelled. It took TWO HOURS to get through to their customer service dept. They wanted to 'verify' my address for my convenience. Today, I get an email letting me know that the order was cancelled. Absolute TERRIBLE company to try to do business with. Don't waste your time here.
Anuel Nevels

Mailed my parts over an hour from my home and they were signed for by Kevin. My name is Anuel and they said the parts were successfully delivered Even though the addresses didnt match at all and refused to do anything about it.
Austin Risher

I go to buds all the time its my shop of choice. Absolutely love this place. Ive worked with Mackenzie several times and shes Great! She is very knowledgeable and I couldnt say enough great things about her and her organization. I would recommend buds gun shop to anyone and everyone. Thanks so much I look forward to my next visit! Happy Fourth of July yall.
Andre Rowe

I have been a Team Buds member for a couple of years. I will not renew next year when my membership expires. Buds has been my main and favorite on line retailer for my firearms purchases. But that stops now. I made three purchases on items in stock and my credit card was charged just to get a call by a rep stating the items is out of stock. I can understand maybe once in a while this would happen but this has become standard operating procedure. The problem this has created for me is that I could have purchased the same firearms from another retailer. The part that really sucks is by the time I was contacted by Buds my other retailer sold out.