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Caskeys Inc

marker Morehead, Kentucky


22 reviews
Jigga FIRE

Has a whole bunch of knives, and allot of old antique stuff. Not many firearms.
kevin Cardoza

Kimberly Vera

I went here to get my first gun. I wanted something for protection, and ended up getting a 9mm Shield Ez. The people who own the place and work there are so friendly and welcoming. I didn't have many questions but they were all answered without any issues. The guy who helped me which I think was the son (sorry if I'm wrong), made the process really quick for me. He helped me a lot, and I couldn't be happier. I'm sorry about my father who was haggling over the price, he's like that but I like to support local businesses so it really didn't bother me the price either way. I'm just too awkward to say anything. They did give me $10 off though which was cool! They gave me a free leather bag to put the gun in as well. Overall I spent a lot less than I thought I would for a really good new gun ($449 for the gun). They had a lot of pistols that were much cheaper, I just liked this one the best. I liked how the place looked, it was easy to look around at everything and pretty organized. Place was clean and everything like that as well. There was another person there purchasing some guns too and they also seemed really happy and even mentioned they would be back. The people who own and work there are the main reason I'm eventually going back if I need anything. They were just so nice. Would highly recommend if you are looking to get guns!
Dena Maggard

Rodney Wagoner