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Action Arms

marker Sulphur, Louisiana


44 reviews
Logan Vincent

Could not help with BB gun
Heath Bagwell

May I suggest updating your website and mentioning that you close your shooting range down an hour before closing time
Keith Naquin

Kyle L

I found out the hard way that the individuals working here are not gunsmiths. They may claim to be but let me assure you that they are not. They may be able to push pins together and build a complete black rifle but when it comes to real gunsmithing please look elsewhere. I took a Thompson Center Encore rifle in with a trigger kit I had purchased through Bellms. Prior to taking my rifle in I called and the guy who answered was overly enthusiastic about how he could install the trigger with no problems. I took it in and dropped it off. Two weeks went by with no message or phone call. I reached out and spoke to someone there who said that it was still being worked on. After another week went by i called and a guy at the shop tells me that he had to order a manual on how to install the trigger.......I should have stopped him at that point but didnt. At the end of the third week i went by and picked up the rifle. Testing the hammer at the shop i noticed that it was extremly hard to pull back. The guy who worked on it tells me its because of the new spring. Im no smith when it comes to guns but it was abnormally hard to pull back. Needless to say I never was able to shoot my rifle due to some component failing within the trigger. They wanted me to take it back so that they could look at it, which i did not. I admitted I made a mistake by bringing it to them and swallowed the 100$ is cost me for poor work. Last week I took my rifle to a real gunsmith. There is a big difference when you walk into a black rifle sales shop and a gunsmith. Staff seemed friendly enough, just incapable.
Norma Robertson

This is the best place to go if you need a gun, ammo, range time or a little help! We find the prices fair and they will help you find what you are looking for. Always friendly and knowledgeable. If you know someone who would like to learn to shoot (women included), wants to get an appropriate gun,wants a safe, clean environment this is the place. I wish they were open 7 days a week.