50 reviews

Allsport Performance Inc. / Maine Gun Dealer

marker Hermon, Maine


50 reviews
Brian Beaulieu

It helps if you know what you want and have seen it on his website and he does give you a cash discount me and my friend enjoyed dealing with him. He allows 2 Coustemers at a time.
Wally Fraser

Quick, easy customer service. Decent prices.
Scott C

The owner is knowledgeable and amiable. Prices are good. Highly recommend this place
Jeremy Linscott

Great shop and great owner. If your planning on purchasing a firearm, this shop has the best prices around this area! Highly recommend this gun store.
Sam Hutchins

My husband went here to buy a hand gun, not only was the owner knowledgeable about each gun carried in his store but made the process of buying a firearm enjoyable. The owner insured us that each item he sells is legal and goes to sound of mind individuals. We will definitely be back! I'd highly recommend to shop here.