50 reviews

Action Impact Firearms & Training Center

marker Eastpointe, Michigan


50 reviews
James D.

Great place to shoot and take classes with a great staff
ibn.radaa ابن رداع

Friendly people but prices are expensive
E. Douglas

Just went to look at a firearm to purchase and look into classes..and because of covid there is a limit of people in the store, but there was a couple able to go in together but when it was our turn the guy said one at a time, or whoever is purchasing can only go in. I don't know alot about the different types of firearms so I needed my partner to go with me. Even though I know the guy could help I wanted my partner there to make the right decision. So guess what...I didn't go in. I'll try it another day another time.
Michael cornell

Very rude and unfriendly. Unprofessional staff. I will never shop at this store ever again.
Jermaine Blackmon

When you order weapons online I highly suggest you do not have them sent to this location, the people are very unprofessional, no very customer service oriented and the wait time to get your weapon processed for pick up is ridiculous. They only have 1 person processing incoming orders online and they are not very productive.